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I have a habit of finding and changing my wallpaper every time I’m bored. You may not have the same habit but we all can agree to the fact that cute wallpapers do make a difference to the whole mood we are in. Right?
Because our phones are the first thing we pick up after a bad day, a fight with a friend (or boyfriend), to click a selfie of your dressed up face and what not. You get the point?

So, to save you a big-time of scrolling through tons of wallpapers and choosing one, I listed down these Free yet cute wallpapers for girls which will change the entire vibe of your phone. I know you’ll love them!

To save these cute wallpapers you can:

On Mobile : Hold down on the picture and save the image or screenshot it and crop it later on.

For Desktop: Right-click on the image and save, save to your downloads, airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.


1. The Skincare Freak Wallpaper


This had to be my number one. Purely for all the beauty lovers in the house! Set your skincare priorities girl and never forget to apply moisturiser, lol!

2. The Cute Bear Wallpaper


How cute is this? A white polar bear sticking his tongue out on a pink background. The best part is that you can write a beautiful quote over the tops and use it as a wallpaper. Adorable!

3. The Inspiring Wallpaper


I love a wallpaper that is cute and is constanly making me remind of my goals. Yes babe, The only limit is you and you are bigger than sky.

4. The Nutella Lover Wallpaper


All the Nutella lovers in the house, raise your hands! You can’t see but both my hands are up in the air, lol. So this pretty wallpaper is for all those girls.

5. The Self Love Club Wallpaper


Girl, Self love is not Selfish. So remind yourself this with this wallpaper.

6. The Cute Watermelon Wallpaper


Who here wants watermelon every day of the summer? Hehe, Me too! So this will make your mouth water even after summer.

7. The Foodie Edition Wallpaper


Food can seriously help you forget all the bad things happen. For me, a plate of white pasta is that medicine. But if it’s spaghetti for you, then this wallpaper deserves your home screen!

8. The Fall Season Wallpaper


Pumpkin spice and everything nice. If you love that fall vibe and orange scenes, then this is just the perfect wallpaper for girls.

9. The Motivational Wallpaper


This gives you a Strict Reminder every time you’ll open your phone because working hard is the only way to success. So for girls who are ambitious as hell, How about this?

10. The Die Heart Oreo Fan Wallpaper


I love Oreos in cake and ice cream. What a beautiful invention and what a cute wallpaper!

11. The Magical Wallpaper


Such an adorable and girly wallpaper with all the rose gold letters, accents and flowers. I love its vibe. What about you?

12. The Love Stuck Wallpaper


Got a new crush? New boyfriend? Even though I know you cannot keep them out of your mind but remember them more with his cutest wallpaper.

13. The Always Positive Wallpaper

We can cross any hurdle when we know that we can do it. This positive prompt is what you need in a wallpaper then.

14. The Gold Leaf Accent Wallpaper


A simple yet pretty wallpaper is what you are about. So get quick and save this. It’s so adorable in all ways!

15. The Ambitious Girl Wallpaper

I’m such a lazy girl that I need motivation at every step. No, it’s true. Guess then this is going to be my next wallpaper.

16. The Warm Greetings Wallpaper


Set this as your lock screen. Tell people how warm you are with all sorts of Hi’s and love. Hehe.

17. The Fortune Cookie Wallpaper


Ever experienced a fortune cookie actually telling you words you really wanted to listen? Now you have!

18. The Extra Cute Rabbit Wallpaper


If I had a chubby sister, no offense but I would love to do this to her all the time. That’s how much I love chubby cheeks. Sorry, not sorry.

19. The Hidden Cat Wallpaper


Peek-a-boo, I see you!

20. The Not So Perfect Wallpaper


Because obviously, perfect is always boring. So this cute wallpaper works for all the girls who just can’t be out-and-out.

21. The Blah Blah Wallpaper


I remember this to be one of the first wallpapers I had. Just matched my vibe perfectly!

22. The Keep Dreaming Wallpaper


For all those babes, who think dreams are wayyyyyyy better than reality (until they are not the ones with someone trying to kill you, lol)

23. The Life is Tough Wallpaper


I always say it. Life is tough. But if we have come so far, then we are tough too.

24. The Hello Beautiful Wallpaper


This is now a super girly and cute wallpaper especially for lock screen. Let everyone know that they are beautiful. It feels nice!

25. The Strong Reminder Wallpaper


Haha, all girls an relate to this. We like all things fancy but who got that money? So we definitely need to work hard for that, k?

26. The Breathing Wallpaper


What a vibe, right?

27. The Real Girl Wallpaper


Girl, you don’t need to be perfect. You already are what it takes to be!

28. The Good Vibes Wallpaper


Good vibes Only. Okay? Onlyyyyyy!

29. The Boss Girl Wallpaper


#bossgirl vibes in just a wallpaper. That’s cute now!

30. The Cute Leaves Wallpaper


What a beautiful yet cute wallpaper with pink background and pretty leaves. Love it!

31. The Happy Thoughts Wallpaper


In a bad mood? Remind yourself every second about the positive mental heath you deserve.

32. The Good Skin Wallpaper


Just like a good hair day, tere definitely is good skin day. So go prioritize your skincare!

32. The Self-Love Wallpaper


This is what I call a cute wallpaper for girls. Adorbs!

33. The Brave Wallpaper


Indeed, you are the bravest soul here. Get Going!

34. The Cute Background Wallpaper

I love soft strokes of color on a basic color. Looks rich, no?

35. The Good Day Wallpaper

I have a habit of writing all my happy days in the notepad. Reading them often makes my heart happy. Be blessed that it was a good day.

36. The Aesthetic Bridge Wallpaper


Looking at water makes me feel serene. The sky, the bridge the water, everything is so prettyyyy!

37. The Fall Wallpaper 2.0

Hello hello, who said they love fall here? Oh so you just love pumpkin spice? Hehe, nice. Here’s a cute wallpaper for girls who love fall.

38. The Go Girl Wallpaper

I bet you, this list for cute wallpapers for girls is endless. And that’s kinda amazing, right?

39. She Believed Wallpaper

I’m not kidding you guys, this is the line i lived on few years ago.

40. The Workaholic Wallpaper

Hi babe, tired of all the projects? Tell everybody around you how f-ed up you are, lol.

41. The Life Lesson Wallpaper

Live by this and you’ll be sorted. Ugh there are so many cute wallpapers for girls that it’s the most difficult choice which one to choose.

42. The Stay Strong Wallpaper

Life Motto: Stay strong, Believe in yourself, Never give up!

43. The Kind-Hearted Wallpaper

I don’t but this is the one of the cutest wallpapers here. And the words literally radiate positivity.

44. The Aesthetic Background Wallpaper

If you are just looking for aesthetic backgrounds as wallpaper, where would you find such a cutiee?

45. The Girly Hearts Wallpaper

Wow, this is beautiful. Isn’t it?

46. The Universe Wallpaper

Mind-blowing! Star gazing, rainbow and universe. This is just so spectacular.

47. The Be in the Moment Wallpaper

Be in the moment. And enjoy it. Simple.

48. The Abstract Wallpaper

This is another cute wallpaper for girls who like decent abstract backgrounds.

49. The Aesthetic Sea Wallpaper

Water is always peaceful. And this aesthetic wallpaper shows exactly that.

50. The Baby Pooh Wallpaper

I can judge you if you say Pooh isn’t cute. (No, jk) But this honey dripping wallpaper is actually cute.

And with that we end up this post. I know they are a lot and choosing the best can be difficult. By the way, which one did you save? I may not have just one or two. Currently, the universe one is on my phone. Hehe.

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