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30 Cray Cute iPhone wallpapers to Download for Free

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Looking for some really cute iPhone wallpapers? Thank god you are in the right place!

Pretty and peaceful wallpapers are responsible for setting up the mood of your iPhone and finding one that you love and will not get bored of is a difficult task. Whether you are searching for simple character wallpapers, quotes wallpapers or even beautiful scenery wallpapers, I’m sure you’ll not lack the options.

To save these cute iPhone wallpapers:

On Mobile : Hold down on the picture and save the image or screenshot it and crop it later on.

For Desktop: Right-click on the image and save, save to your downloads, airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.


1. I got it Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

Waking up to a motivational quote every morning will surely help you get things started right.

2. you can! Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

Never underestimate yourself and always tell your mind that you can and you will definitely do it.

3. The lion king Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

Lion king have been a cult favourite for many of us. It reminds us of a nostalgic feeling but would be your next cute iphone wallpaper.

4. little Tiger Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

For the kids at heart, this is indeed a cute wallpaper. Makes me remind of fun times cause apparently, growing up actually sucks.

5. starfish Wallpaper

How beautiful, calm and pretty this little gem is! I’m using it as my current homescreen wallapaper and it looks cutesy and gorgeous.

6. focus on good Wallpaper

This is a constant reminder for you to always focus on good around you except all the negatives. It will make your life so much easier and better.

7. I believe… Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

The minty green colour is so peaceful and with this as your wallpaper, you’ll always have someone who believes in you.

8. cute iphone Wallpaper

Perfect summer wallpaper, this cute iphone wallpaper with a positive affirmation is what you need to bad days.

9. lV Wallpaper

Just in case yor poket doesn’t allow you to treat yourself with a LV bag, here’s your designer wallpaper to the rescue.

10. quotes Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

Every day is your second chance to life and taking better decisions. So value it.

11. lockscreen Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

Such a cute cartoon to express your words without wors to people who try to unlock your phone. Nah nah, that’s not happening loser!

12. abstract Wallpaper

Into some cutesy but abstract iphone backgraounds? You can even use it as a background to write and your favourite quote and use it as a wallpaper.

13. anti-social Wallpaper

Welcome yourself to the Anti-social group and scream that on the top of your voice through your wallpaper. Looks precious for some, lol!

14. universe Wallpaper

Black is always an aesthetic. These cute vibrant colors on a black base is my kinda vibe.

15. I like big books Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

This is a total mood. And for some weird reason, I cannot stop murmuring the song and I cannot lie.

16. fighter girl Wallpaper

Be as strong as this gal and tell everybody that actually, you can do it.

17. blue dragons Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

This is a simple cute iphone wallpaper which is very blue, lol. But still is pretty!

18. coffee queen Wallpaper

To all the queens that run an empire on coffee, cheers!

19. pink iphone Wallpaper

And if you just happen to remind this to yourself every now and then, here’s something for you.

20. unicorn Wallpaper

Save this unicorn themed background for your iPhone which is all cute and pretty.

21. palm tree Wallpaper

Missing the beaches? Bring them to your phone and life right now with this aesthetic yet beautiful palm tree direct from the beach.

22. cutesy iPhone Wallpaper

What a cute iPhone wallpaper radiating positivity and brightness.

23. abtract marble Wallpaper

Just a beautiful marble wallpaper with pretty pastel colors. You can even use it to write some beautiful quotes for yourself.

24. daily reminder Wallpaper

Setting small positive reminders is a must to hold yourself up. Stick to this cute iphone wallpaper then.

25. star night Wallpaper

Set your phone for a calm and peaceful vibe.

26. sweet now Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

Really motivating but cute iphone wallpaper for you.

27. butterfly Wallpaper

This had to be gorgeous. Purely for all the butterfly lovers in the house!

28. sleepy head Wallpaper

cute iphone wallpapers

This had to be my favourite one. Just because of my love for sleep and pillows, lol!

29. Idc Wallpaper

What a cute lil bear giving no effs with his charm.

30. get shit done Wallpaper

Motivate yourself and remind yourself to get shit done everytime you unlock your phone.

And we just had these cute iPhone wallpapers for you. I know they are a lot and choosing the best can be difficult. By the way, which one did you save? I may not have just one or two. Currently, the starfish one is on my phone. Hehe.

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