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52+ crazy romantic Valentines Gifts for him to buy in 2021

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Choosing a valentines gift for him may sound easy but is definitely a hard job. Just because you are always looking for gift ideas that are as warm, unique and heartfelt as your love, but really useful and practical so that it reminds him of you every second of the day.

Don’t worry, if you’re looking to spoil your munchkin this February 14, we’ve got you covered with some great Valentines gifts for him. Here’s everything from practical, DIY, romantic to naughty, and funny, no matter your budget or your current relationship status. You cannot lack inspiration!

Practical Valentines gifts for him

1. wooden docking station

Practical Valentines gift for him 2

Honestly, I think this is a pretty perfect gift for guys who loves to put things in place a.k.a. stay organised or who needs major help in that department. You can also get it personalised by choosing one of eight gorgeous colours and adding his name, monogram or his initials on it. It is extremely beneficial, and he would have never thought of getting it for himself.

2. faux fur slippers

Unique Valentines gift for him

Get his cold feets a cozy home with these moccasin slippers. With more than 1500+ reviews and 4.6 ratings, there’s no doubt how much your babe will love these. You can also customise it by adding his favourite items in it like Duke’s strips beef seal salt, Hershey’s Take 5 candy bar, EOS lip balm, etc. You get the idea right?

3. grab & go traveller – Jack black

Jack Black is a trusted and quality-driven brand and its products are seriously good. Generally, this value pack is worth $63 but if you can get for $47 or less, you should not think twice. Your man will love it. He will not need any other grooming product after this.

4. sweater zip pullover

Valentines gift for man

This cute pullover is lined with soft fleece that makes it extremely comfortable and warm. He can wear it as both outerwear or innerwear so you get twice the benefit. There are more than 8 shades to choose from and it has an incredible rating of 4.9 stars.

5. portable espresso maker

No one would say no to the mini nanopresso just because it is so small, light, compatible and makes a large but delicious shot. Especially when your munchkin loves to travel or always wants his coffee on time.

6. neck & back massager

If he is a working bee, there’s nothing worse than constant neck and back pain. Get this for him to make him feel that you care for him and help him get relaxed a little every day. He is always gonna remember you while using this. If you don’t trust me, you can read more than 27000 reviews for yourself here.

7. personalised flask

This is the perfect valentines day gift idea for him if he loves a good drink. The leather and the engraving adds a touch of sophistication while keeping the masculinity intact. You can also fill the flask with his favourite drink.

8. JBL waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Owning a JBL is a dream for almost all men. Even my boyfriend wants to own one and I think I’m going to get him this valentine. Even though this speaker has 4.8 stars on Amazon, there are chances that you may receive a counterfeit product. So for that, I recommend you checking this great review which will guide you on how to buy the best JBL speaker.

9. faux fur blanket

How cute is this double-sided weighted blanket? It so so soft and warm that he won’t need anything else to comfort him except this. You both can cuddle in it or he can hug and sleep in it when you are not around.

10. tile key finder

If he is clumsy af, I bet there is no better gift than this one for him. It is brilliant, helpful and very practical. 80% of 21,000 reviews are positive which means that this will be money well invested. You can use it for keys, purse, wallet, phone, or any other thing you feel like you always forget.

11. Gucci guilty perfume

No boy ever has enough perfumes! And your bae will love it because it is not very strong and has this earthy, woody, spicy scent to it which screams sexy and masculinity. The bottle itself is luxurious.

12. long distance bracelet set

It really hits hard when you both are in long-distance and cannot see or feel each other whenever you want. This is where these cute little bracelets come in. You can send love through these because when you touch one, the other lights up and vibrates, so he knows you are missing him he needs to call you asap!

13. flavoured coffee duo

Coffee lover Valentines gift for him

Get your coffee lover these delish packets to add taste and variety to his bitter coffee, You can choose a duo from nutty or fruity flavours according to his taste buds. It smells so strong that his entire house will convert to being a coffee people.

14. on the rocks set

Whiskey lover Valentines gift for him

This makes up for a great valentines day gifts for him if he likes his drinks served cold. My father uses it and there’s not one time, he had his drinks without these rocks. They are that good! These ones are made from granite discs gathered from New England beaches. Also, you get the rock set with basic whiskey tumblers for you. That’s a deal now.

15. curve airPods case

A new case will automatically cheer him up if he already has an AirPods or willing to buy in near future. And native union makes insane god cases. These are available in three shades.

16. UV sanitizing wireless charging station

With sanitizer being a star product, here’s to investing in something to protect him every time he charges his phone. This station works like a portable charger just with sanitizing your phone in 20 minutes. Since this is not mainstream, he would have never guessed it so there’s a surprise you’ll love.

17. jo malone shower gel

Jo Malone knows it’s the product. Spoil your cutie with this luxury shower gel which smells amazing btw (has a masculine scent.) It lasts long and will leave him fresh every time. You can also gift him this signature cologne if he likes fragrances that last all day long.

18. nike killshot 2 snekaers

What can be an appreciable valentines gift for him? Nike sneakers! These Killshot 2 sneakers are a must-have for every man since they go with every freakin’ outfit. Not extremely comfortable, but they get better with time as they have enough cushioning inside.

19. bombas men’s socks

He won’t stop raving about how soft and comfortable these socks are if you get him these. With more than 10,000 positive reviews, you cannot think twice before adding them to cart. You get a pack of 4 with 7 varieties of colors and designs to choose from. You can even hide small romantic presents or love letters in them just to add a little personalisation and care.

20. barbecue tools gift set

Your Home cook is going to be swooned by this gift set since it has almost every tool in a compact case. Tool are convenient and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

21. world traveler’s cork globe

The ideal valentines gifts for travel lover! He can pin his favourite places or places he has travelled or places he wants or travel with you easily and always keep it beside him. This is not any mainstream gift idea so he will actually be surprised when you’ll get him this.

22. instant beer cocktail sugar cube trio

Drop one cube into his beer of choice and make a quick, refreshing cocktail for him in seconds. These will add nice light flavours to his old beer and he will love that. You get three different varieties in this trio.

23. hot sauce kit

Give your home chef the sources to create his own delicious sauces with this kit. There’s nothing like a full-bodied hot sauce and these six bottles and customizable labels will let him package and present up to six of his own small-batch sauces that’ll turn up the heat on your favourite foods.

24. scotch infused toothpicks

Now, this is something very unique, clever and new to me and I think will be to him as well. The fun fact is, that this toothpick would last longer than your usual picks and you can easily get the scotch flavour as soon as you bit it down. Something your boyfriend would love for valentines day!

Personalized valentines gifts for him

25. custom fingerprint ring

cute valentines day gifts for boyfriend

What is better than a customized valentines day gift for him to show that you have put a lot of thought into it? And a fingerprint ring is definitely something that shouts cuteness and love from far. It’s one of their bestsellers with 22,000+ raving reviews.

26. framed portrait

best Valentines gift for him

Capturing that moment is one of the cutest things. And getting it framed is even cuter. Instead, get is hand-painted by the professionals and gift it to him. You can get it customized according to his needs. I know the price can look a little bit serious, but trust me, if you both have been together for a long time, this is so much worth spending on making him happy.

27. custom stamped spoon

If you are looking for a really unique and overwhelming valentines gift idea for him, look no further. He has to cry if he sees this one. This is such a cute wallet card on back of which you can write a small love note. This will make him remind of you every time he opens his wallet which will be a lot in a day, trust me.

28. any songs lyrics print

A song is a powerful weapon. And it can mean a lot to a relationship. If you guys have a song which you both can cry at any time, You want to buy this. You can personalize it to any limit and all for what it costs, this is just the perfect gift for him.

29. lovebox heart messenger

unique Valentines gift for him

Hands down this are the most innovative and cute valentines gift for him. And if you both are in long-distance, then you definitely need this. You can send sweet love notes anywhere in the world. The heart spins when a message arrives. And, you get a rain of hearts on your screen when he’ll open the box with his hand.

30. 3-D photo lamp

Cute Valentines gift for him

Yet another beautiful gift to embrace the love you have. This lamp has three different light settings which are warm, cool and white. You can also engrave words of your choice on the lightbox to make it special.

31. love book journal

This little book can be such an adorable addition to your valentines day gift for your boyfriend. You can literally write all the things you love about him, add pictures and draw cute designs around it, and cn make it as personal as you want. It would actually show him that you care about him and was listening to every deatil of his li, wink!

32. 6-pack greeting card box

For your beer love boyfriend, buy him this cute cardboard box. It will show him that you thought a lot more about your gift than simply a passing impulse in a local beer shop.

33. personalised gift box

valentines gifts for him

Explosion boxes are a simple yet romantic way to add that personalisation and thought to someone’s gift. And people can’t stop raving about these neat, classy boxes that would make the perfect valentines day gift for him.

34. printed cognac label

valentines gifts for him

Change someone’s mood by gifting him a liquor made especially for him by spending just $4. Are you even serious? This is a vibe!

35. engraved wallet insert

Get him this touching gift on valentines day, so whenever he opens his wallet, he remembers you and your love. Customize this by writing a cute love note on the back that looks chic and unique in itself.

Naughty/Hilarious Valentines gifts for him

36. light me when… soy candle

sexy valentines gifts for him

A scented candle is always a must have for a relaxing day. But candle like this will surely give hm a good laugh, naughty smile and a lot of relaxation, lol (if you know what I mean). Don’t worry, this smells heavenl too!

37. dice game for adults

valentines gifts for him

This is definitely going to make his night worth remembering. They are eauigully packaged and the black color looks luxurious. With 700+ people rving about the fun they had with these, they are definitely worth trying.

38. melting chocolates

If you both are into kinky stuff, you know you can do a lot with with melting chocolates.

39. crotchless thong

That is just the perfect valentines gift for your boyfriend to make his night. This is cute, hot and extremely teasing!

40. massage oil for couples

How about giving him a sensual massage for valentines? We know that’s not he the nigh will end tho 😉 These massage oils are super relaxing and they smell deliciously hot!

41. how to live with a…

Give him a good laugh and make him feel good about his body with this really funny and naughty book. The best part? It is only for $11!

42. boobs soap

This is hilarious! Such a unique yet sexy valentines gift for any man in this world. Firstly, it smells Amazinggg and you can choose from many scents available. Secondly, you can even choose from light and dark colors available. I’m sure you both will die laughing!

DIY Valentines gifts for boyfriend

43. liquor basket

DIY valentines gifts for him

This cute quirky quote makes it so special and it looks like the person has put a lot of thought into it. Sare your liqur girls!

44. gym box

DIY valentines gifts for him

What can be an ideal gift for a gym freak? A gym box! With all his essentials and many tasty snacks put in a box to make his day.

45. photobook

There’s nothing better than going back the memory lane with one person you love and trust the most. It’s cute and sentimental.

46. personalised frame

Easy to create, you just have to take an empty wooden frame and wooden alphabets to create this vintage gift for him.

47. open when letters

The old classic, open when letters are always a safe yet cute gifts idea for valentines.

48. kiss notes

Looking for something absolutely DIY and cheap? Here’s an adorable idea. Tell him, why you would love to give him a kiss.

49. you turn me on bulb

This is such a lovely yet spicy idea. You can buy the exact same thing and still look like you put a lot of efforts in it. And he’ll enjoy nice things you’ll say about him.

50. 5 senses gifts for him

There are so many unique ways to these old school senses gifts you can experiment with that are cute as hell! You can find different ideas for what to put in each sense box here.

51. candy notes of appreciation

How winning are these notes of appreciation attached to his favourite candies?

52. Movie date night box

DIY Valentines gifts for him

Change someone’s mood by gifting him a liquor made especially for him by spending just $4. Are you even serious? This is a vibe!

53. roses and beers

Create this luxurious box filled with beers, red roses and chocolates. You can even add a sweatshirt below this which would be a surprise he never saw it coming!

What valentines gifts for him are you gonna buy? Whatever you choose, try to personalise a bit because men do care about your efforts and that makes them feel loved!

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