Who in this world doesn’t love makeup dupes? I don’t know anyone who would say she wants to spend ten times more money on makeup products that near about work the same, except if you are some Kardashian or princess, whatever :/ But before we get into why we love them so much, you need to know what makeup dupes really are, just in case you are living under a huge giant self-made rock, (which I was too until recently, so don’t worry girl, I’ve got you all)

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drugstore makeup dupes
drugstore makeup dupes
drugstore makeup dupes

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Basically, Makeup dupes are actually shorter version of the word “duplicate”, which apparently means the more affordable version of more high-end or luxury products. Even though brands don’t really say that out loud, but god, we know they are creating some cheaper makeup dupes of expensive brands. Some drugstore brands that make irresistible drugstore makeup dupes are

  1. Maybelline
  2. Wet n Wild
  3. NYX cosmetics
  4. LO’real
  5. Milani

So now you know what makeup dupes are, Let’s just straight away get into the blog!

Also if you want to checkout some World-famous drugstore dupes of MAC lipsticks and here’s quick link!

Drugstore makeup dupes of luxury brands

Smashbox photo finish Primer vs NYX photo-loving Primer

drugstore makeup dupes

If your very first step isn’t strong enough, where’s your next 20 items gonna stand on? (Kidding just 15, no biggie!)We all love us a good pore blurring primer and smshbox makes one of the best primers in the industry but those whooping $36 is huge for a single item. And that is why NYX created this Photo-loving primer for just $13 which works as similar as it could be. So here we got our Bang on makeup dupe!

SHOP AT AMAZON: Smashbox primer

Too faced born this way foundation vs Maybelline superstay foundation

drugstore makeup dupes

I bet if you have ever tried Too faced foundation or concealer, there’s no going back from it. But what to do about that $39 price tag? Well, you could get yourself a Maybelline for literally one-fourth of the price. N ow you know why we love makeup dupes!

Look at Maybelline Superstay foundation review, just in case.

SHOP AT AMAZON: Too faced foundation | Maybelline foundation

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Tarte shape tape concealer vs LO’real infallible full wear concealer

makeup dupes

Who doesn’t want to own the most-hyped-every-beauty-blogger’s-favourite concealer? But the fact, they might have got that for free and you have to pay $27 could make you step back. Don’t worry! Instead, go for LO’real’s $13 concealer which seriously is the closest any company could get to Tarte’s cult favourite.

SHOP AT AMAZON: Tarte concealer | LO’real concealer

Laura Mercier loose powder vs Maybelline Fitme loose powder

When the beauty industry was freaking about how amazing Laura Mercier’s powder is, Maybelline dropped their bang on make dupe of it on the ground. Both are rockin’ their ways upon high-end and drugstore fields. And just in case if the thought of spending $39 on just a setting powder, you could get yourself Fitme powder only for $8. Deal right?

SHOP AT AMAZON: Maybelline loose powder

Becca Sunlit bronzer vs Physicians Formula butter bronzer

If you are looking for a sun-kissed glow and a beach is no option post-pandemic, BECCA Sunlit Bronzer is a go-to. But at $38 a pop, it’s not exactly a steal. But this bronzer from Physician’s formula comes to the rescue with just a $16 price tag and $40 worth. (It’s my cult favourite:)

SHOP AT AMAZON: BECCA bronzer | Physician’s Formula bronzer

Nars orgasm blush vs Milani baked blush

Blush, personally is my favourite part of the entire makeup obessesion series I do. And I have heard people rave about nars blushes from the day I know blushes exist.

But, being a broke girl, who had $30 to spend over a blush? And that’s where Milani baked blush step in. A little on the pricy side, this sells for $8,but gosh I thin it works better than al the blushes I have used and maybe the NARS one too.

SHOP AT AMAZON: NARS blush | Milani blush

Marc Jacobs O! mega luminizer vs Maybelline master chrome highlighter

Maybelline! Maybelline! Maybelline! If you swatched these two shimmery champagne gold highlighter shades next to each other, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. But the only difference is Marc Jacobs is 5 times the price. God please save me!

SHOP AT AMAZON: Maybelline highlighter

ABH brow wiz vs NYX micro brow pencil

With $23 spent instantly, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil is a best-kept brow secret by makeup artists and the average beauty buff alike. But still, it’s amazing quality doesn’t justify the price tag. And that is why NYX micro brow pencil comes handy and sells itself just for $4. Can it be any affordable?

SHOP AT AMAZON: NYX brow pencil

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Kat Von D tattoo liner vs NYX epic ink liner

Kat Von D tattoo liner is an award-winning vegan liquid liner that the world raves about. But $21 must seem a lot for it. Isn’t it? Talking about liners, I have heard that NYX epic liner works exactly the same for $9. And here we get our another bang on makeup dupes!

SHOP AT AMAZON: Kat Von D liner

Too faced better than sex Mascara vs LO’real lash paradise mascara

The Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara is without a doubt one of the best in the market. If you’re willing to fork $25 for a mascara then this is the one. But if that price is out of reach for you, the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara is a drugstore dupe selling for $11.

SHOP AT AMAZON: Too faced Mascara | LO’real mascara

Urban Decay All nighter setting spray vs NYX matte finish setting spray

$33 Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is the unbeatable favourite from the very first day it was launched. For those in search of an affordable option, the Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray gets the job done just as nicely and will cost you mere $8.

SHOP AT AMAZON: Urban Decay spray | NYX spray

The key takeaway

What do you think of these drugstore makeup dupes? Even though there’s no harm

in buying high-end products, practically, it is not feasible enough for every person to buy them. Right?

And that’s a wrap for our drugstore makeup dupes list! If you liked seeing some awsome makeup dupes today, do share them with your friends and fam, and if you have some more eye-popping drugstore makeup dupes- Do comment down below, I’m listening!

Till then, keep safe, smiling and shining!

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