Trends you cannot miss this 2020

Fashion world is so dynamic that trends change literally every second. And obviously, one cannot cope with every one of them but here are few trends that I believe are surely meant to last a while and investing in them wouldn’t burn a whole in your pocket.

1. Straight leg jeans

Skinny jeans are for sure moving out which is crazy because they have been here for almost a decade but now the tables have turned and straight leg jeans and boot cuts are really having their moment now. Not just these, mom jeans, flared jeans, cropped jeans, basically every denim which is not a skinny jean are clearly making their ways in our wardrobes.

2. Cardigans

Cardigans from the 90’s are such a vibe and unquestionably having their own space right now. They are so versatile and can be worn in number of chic yet sexy ways. Wear it open over camis, button up the top button, middle button. I mean they just look really really cute when they hit that waist with some high waisted bottoms or pants. I just wish this trend to last.

3. One shoulder tops

Let’s just give this a moment of appreciation just because oh my god, i love them. They are so gorgeous like when we see someone wearing such tops, our eyes get glued to them like they are just so different kinda sexy like you can see the collar bones, the shoulders, the clevicals but with the whole body remaining covered. Wear them with black skinny jeans, mom jeans, flared jeans, you say, they rock. I really really wish for this trend to last foreverrrrr.

4. Boyfriend blazer

This is an another trend which kinda got stuck to us which is why it’s bound to last. They are so comfortable yet chic and fashionable without even having that snug shape on the waist which balmain blazer usually have. They look good with jeans that hit your smallest part of waist or with skirts denim/cloth, shorts, pants, over a fitted dress and what not. It gives that professional boss lady kinda vibe and looks amazing.

5. Trench coats

So yes, trench coats of all kinds are trending for 2020 from super classic look to some with a little interesting looks. They look so effortless and stylish and can be worn literally n number of ways. I think this is a must have in wardrobes.

These are the top 5 favourite trends of mine which are absolutely gonna make a good wide space for themselves in the year 2020. You need to have these if you wanna call yourselves fashionista 101. Until then, stay healthy-stay happy!!

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