This easy diy face mask will treat your acne and leave a healthy glow on your skin

After trying hundreds and thousands of different kinds of face masks, i still haven’t got that one diy which would make my acne problem disappear plus brighten my dull skin at a same time. I searched ALOT!

But Trust me this is the mask i have been looking for my entire life and has helped me immensely. And i really hope this works for you as well cause who doesn’t want a healthy glow and vanished acne at the same time 😉

A quick disclaimer: I am oily to combination skin type with acne prone and sensitive skin.

Ingredients you’d need are-

1/2 tbs sandalwood powder (chandan) 1/2 tbs orange peel powder 1/2 tbs fuller’s earth (multani mitti) 1 tbs lemon juice And raw honey

Fuller’s earth is optional if you have dry/normal skin type.

Mix all the powder ingredients together nicely. Add lemon juice and start mixing it slowly and add honey simultaneously till it becomes a good consistency paste.

Dry ingredients together.
Smooth consistency paste.

Apply for 15-20 minutes and do not exceed as it is not good for the skin. Wash your face regularly with water and Taa-Daaaaa!!

Why would this work?

Sandalwood powder is used here because of it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for acne problems and also helps in removing tan or in other words lightens the skin texture.

Orange peel powder is the magic portion here. It’s a loooong list on what it does so hold on, it helps in treating acne and pimples, removing acne scars, unclog skin pores, lighten skin tone, reduces inflammation, adds that beautiful natural glow, fights ageing, decreases blackheads and pigmentations. ( therefore, a very compulsory ingredient)

Fuller’s earth is used here only because of my skin type issues that is to control oil secretion but if you are any other skin type then you can definitely skip adding this because orange peel powder would that job for you.

Do i even need to say about antiseptic and astringent properties of our favourite Lemon. It is filled with antioxidants. It helps fights acne and brightens skin.

Honeyy, oh honeyy!! it is anti-microbial, helps fades acne scars, reduces acne itself, lightens and brightens skin by eliminating dead skin cells from the face.

So yes this is it. Please tell me if this worked for you and i would be on cloud nine. I hope i could help you find your face mask because i know it was a struggle for me to find both my needs in one thing.

Stay healthy and keep shining <3

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