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Simple summer skincare routine?

How do people even expect from you to actually get up and do some work when you just want to lie down in an air-conditioned room along with your favourite ice cream and Netflix all summer? Because babe, you step outta your room and boom! You are up on fire. It’s so hot out there.

Oh god, but more your skin gets exposed to sun, more it’s gonna act up. And I definitely don’t want that. Are you with me on this? Oh yes, you should be, if you don’t wanna hit sunlight on your little bumps all over your face. That is why I bring you the simplest summer skincare routine, I knowwww you’ll thank me for saving you efforts, money which you were gonna blow away, skin which will stay safe and glowing and time so that you could go back to Netflix asap!

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Summer skincare routine 2020

First things first, forget all the steps you have known your entire life that makes up a skin care regimen and focus on what I say. FOCUS!


Summer skincare routine

This is probably the only step which goes on same for entire year. NUMBER ONE! obviously, do i even have to explain why?

You need clean skin to work stuff on. Even if it’s just two steps. Actually, it can be the only step if you find that one right cleanser that does it all for you. But I don’t think it is even possible. Or is it? Suggest your all in one cleanser in the comment section below!

What I recommend is: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser


Summer skincare routine

I know how important moisturising your skin is for every damn skin type and every day of the year regardless the whether. But babe? You don’t want your moisturiser to slip down your face mixed with oil, sweat, grin and dirt. If you do, go ahead apply it.

But what i want you to do is skip the moisturiser in daytime and apply a generous amount at night. This helps you live your life moisturiser-free in the morning and you’ll not have lack of moisturiser going on since you compensated it in the night. What say, deal?

What I recommend is: Ponds super light gel or Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer


Summer skincare routine

You knew this was gonna come up next, didn’t you? You super intelligent pal.

Undeniably, sunscreen is one product you wanna invest your money in because you know it’s gonna help feed your skin with nutrients and protect it from UVA/UVB rays. Unless, you want your skin to have sunburns, discolouration, dark spots, sagging, wrinkles and oh gosh whatnot! I don’t know. Do you?

What I recommend is: Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreen

Lip balm

Summer skincare routine

Summers are gonna suck all the moisture outta your lips ( even the little you have), and leave them chapped and colourless and you’ll not even know when all of that happened. Trust me, it’s happened to me, it will happen to you :/

And that is why securing your luscious lips is the last step you wanna do in summer. Look for lip balms with Minimum Spf 30 to protect them from sun damage and discolouration.

Who doesn’t want a soft kissable lips?

What I recommend is: Sun Bum Lip Balm, SPF 30

And that is basically it for your summer skincare essentials. Could it be easier? Just 3 important steps and 4 total steps you wanna go for in this revolutionary year of 2020. Woohooo!

Best effin’ tips to beat the heat with minimum efforts

Hydrate yourself!


For god sake, it’s high time to hydrate yourself. If you don’t hydrate yourself in and out, trust me no cleansing or extensive skincare routine could help you get the skin you are aiming for.

I know you face problems like you are so busy that you forget to drink water, or so tired that you don’t wanna go to the kitchen just for a glass of water. If this you, get your eyes in this practical guide on how to stay hydrated during summers. Trust me, this will help!



Can anybody in this world stress it more? You absolutely need a sunscreen, not just in summers but throughout the year. What easy than applying cream and go out freely! Wanna know how to find the right sunscreen for your skin? Ahan I bet you do!

Look for non-comedogenic products

Non-comedogenic products are basically products that do not clog your pores and let your Skin breath along with providing them with ingredients it needs.

When sweat is bound to show its way, no matter what, you don’t want to mix sweat and products you used which could clog your pores and cause you breakouts, right?

Moisture + SPF

If you are dry skin or just any skin type, and you don’t want to slather another layer of creams and gels, go for some moisturiser which already has an SPF in it. The minimum level should obviously be 30 but you could have it more. More is good.

Do not over-shower

You think showering twice or even thrice a day is gonna help you freshen up and beat the heat, haha, you wish. Actually it’s not like that.

Over-showering or showering with hot water will do the exact opposite and strip out all the moisture from your body. That is why you might have noticed dry patches, you have your little pamper session for an hour and come out without even moisturising. ( I’m saying this to myself, don’t you worry. You are smart. Are you?)

Increase exfoliation

I personally prefer exfoliating my skin once a month. But, now it’s time to make it twice. With all the build-up that’s gonna happen, you want to increase your exfoliation routine and say bye-bye dead skin cells!

And that’s a wrap! If you liked me blabbering about stuff that is important to me, you and humanity, consider sharing to your friends and family. Let them get a good lesson today!

Till then, keep loving, smiling and shining!

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