Simplest ways to keep yourself hydrated these winters

It’s freaking cold!! But ahan, hydration still is a must. Drinking water and keeping your skin and body hydrated is a tough task already and winters make it far more impossible to accomplish (crying).

But here’s your girl revealing you the simplest ways for keeping yourself super hydrated all throughout this freezing weather.

Drink warm water: If gulping glasses icy water is not your thing, you must try warming up a glass of water and drinking when required. Or better, just warm up the water once and keep it in a steel bottle to keep it handy the entire day

• Consider it as an effort for some advantage: When i started drinking water on a regular basis, it was hard but when I considered it as an effort to get clear skin I noticed that i could drink a bottle of water very easily. So you can try this too.

• Start by setting goals: Start by setting goals for drinking just 3/4th bottle of water a day. Then come to one full bottle. Slowing increase the capacity to 1.5 liters ( one and a half bottle) and then two atlast. You’ll see that it will become more easy for you day by day. Remember, here I’m talking about full 1lt bottle.

Find replacements for water: Having soups, juices, fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, watermelons and vegetables like cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes in regular diets can hydrate your skin internally and definitely externally. (If you are an indian, you know your parents always asking you to eat healthy for healthy skin rather then facials and masks;) )

Moisturisation is the key: The biggest reason for dehydration is dryness which come along winters. Added moisture after showers or just randomly throughout the day is necessary for literally everyone. Some good moisturisers i know are coconut oil with tea tree oil, nivea body moisturiser, cetaphil moisturising cream and vaseline instensive care.

Hydrating myself was a huge task for me, but when now i have accomplished it i can tell you that it is really amazing as i have actually seen my acne disappearing, lips being moisturised all time, skin being supple and glowing.

Tell me any other way to keep myself motivated to hydrate myself daily if you know apart from these.

Happy winters! <3

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