Out of all the words and names in the world, i chose YOUR GIRL KNOWS for my blog’s domain name. And now i realise that there are so many people out there, who want to start a blog but can’t find a perfect name to describe them or if they find, it’s already taken which is very overwhelming.

Now today, I’m gonna tell you the reason/story behind this.

Once i was making a diy mask which i totally love and works great. Just then I thought out of billion of information available on internet, i have never in my life came across such a combination of items to serve multiple purposes in one go (which were acne, brightening, pigmentation and dark spots). And what if i could shout and tell everyone that this works great and you should try it at least for a once and thank me later because who wanna keep amazing things to themselves? But this very random thought was gone as soon as i indulged myself in some other activity.

Some days later, i was doing my makeup and I tried this very new way of applying a flawless base of foundation which worked incredibly well and again I thought that so many people would not be able to learn this because no one really talks about it which was miserable.

Some few more days down the lane, i realised that there are so many things which i know because i have discovered them and a lot people don’t because no one’s putting it out there. I started to find ways by which i could make my ideas and techniques available to a lot of people. I found instagram, twitter, wordpress(blogs), youtube and many more platforms.

But I won’t lie, I don’t think i have that spark and confidence to build a huge instagram page and make my voice heard. I don’t even think i can be a youtuber because of my low self esteem issues which I don’t think i should hide because we all have some and we all know it. So now what? What else? BLOGS.

After researching alot about blogs and how all this works i chose this as an option. And the very first challenge here was to find a domain name.

Choosing a domain name is a task because first you have to come up with a remarkable name and then see its availability which most of the time is not available, thus beginners feel stuck at the very first step.

Now a good domain name was important for me as i wanted to built a trust by it. I wanted to assure people that they aren’t reading anything useless and kill their time. I wanted to built a community with it. I wanted it to be easy, to be able to make relations and connections, to tell people that they can trust me and essentially helpful.

Hence, YOUR GIRL KNOWS came in. Now ‘your girl’ here means that I’m no stranger to people reading my blog. You know me. You know who i am. So you can believe me. I’M YOUR GIRL AND YOU CAN TRUST ME. And ‘knows’ means that whatever I’m saying out loud, they are not any imaginations or things I don’t know or i have not tried or am saying just for the sake of views. I KNOW IT AND THAT’S WHY I’M SAYING IT.

And when the domain was done one thing led to other and i was done with my blog page. Ideas flushed in and i was seeing myself writing and spreading information around the world.

Now this comes to an end because obviously your girl know has to go and do some stuff in the kitchen or else my mother would kill me :/

Stay healthy and happppyyyyy! <3

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