These super easy tips will ensure a fun and carefree holi|2020

HAPPPPYYYYY HOLIIIIIIII!! I’m writing this blog just on the day because I realised that tomorrow morning there will be so many people wanting to know some quick hacks to protect themselves from harsh colours and aftermath of this beautiful festival.

Fortunately, there are few easy tips and tricks that can save you and allow you to have a fun and carefree holi.

1. Body care. Apply a lot of oil on your arms, legs, feet, hands and body. Top it up with a thick layer of sunscreen for that extra protection and hydration for your skin. This double layer of product will not allow the colour to stick onto your skin.

2. Nail care. If you have long nails, i would suggest to trim them to avoid the colour to get stuck inside. But i know how hard it is to trim them ;(

So, If you don’t wanna cut them, apply a thick layer of dark nail paint to avoid staining and use lots and lots of vaseline or ghee or almond oil on inside of the nail, nail bed and cuticles from keeping the colour seep into your skin.

3. Hair care. Apply a good amount of castor oil or coconut oil before going out to play so that the colours don’t get deposit into the scalp and ruin your locks.

Also, try and braid your hair than keeping them loose or wear a bandana to make sure less damage by allowing minimum colour in there.

4. Skin care. Apply good amount of moisturiser and sunscreen before stepping out to protect yourself from heat, colour and chemicals to get into your pores.

Go very minimum on the makeup only if you have to by applying a little bit of mascara and some lipstick.

These very simple tips and tricks will ensure your safe and carefree holi so that you have fun without any worries.

Keep shining and smiling <3

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