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Out of all the decisions you have to take in a day, I’m sure choosing a nail color from that 6-foot tall wall with millions of colors which have just tad bit of difference among them is the most overwhelming! No, seriously.

Talking about that, we know we stick to that one shade which has probably looked stunning the last time. Simply because we know we already love it! And Who wants to risk that now? That being said, you should know that almost all the colours in this world, look exceptionally pretty on us, dark skin beauties, and there’s isn’t one single colour that won’t pop out and look amazing!

And just a pro tip: If you hear anyone saying that this (any colour they think) colour won’t look good your skin, get up and kick their ass! Because there really isn’t any rules for choosing nail colors for dark skin. Go with whatever the damn colour you love and never be afraid of playing with all of them, especially bright since they look stt-unn-inggg on you!

So without much blabbering, let’s just see what I have got for you to feast your eyes upon!

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Stark white

Thanks to this amazing contrast, white look extraordinarily beautiful on dark skin. You cannot go wrong with a crisp opaque white pigment or a sheer glossy coat depending on what you like.

Black Beauty

Have you tried black nail paint before? I bet it looks over the top gorgeous and you cannot go back from that. Go with a matte or glossy, In fact, you can even choose both as I showed in my nail art designs post. Who needs to choose then?

Have you tried black nail paint before? If not, what are you even doing? It looks over the top gorgeous and there’s no going back from that! Go for a matte or even glossy look, in fact, you can try both at once as I showed you in my nail art designs post. Who needs to choose then?

Soft pink

They say light shades of pink doesn’t suit dark skin, i say look at these gorgeous dark skin beauties rocking this colour. Do you have second thoughts now? I would love to see soft pink in the form of ombre or glossy nude. It just look so feminine!

Fiery Red

Red is a must-have color for literally everyone, especially dark skins because it just adds that punch of color and pops out even more.

Peachy punch

If you are looking for a neat soft colour, then a peachy punchy nail polish looks luxurious. It gives a posh yet strong feminine vibe to your nails. Aso, you can check some gorgeous nail designs to go with that!

Pretty Purple

Whether dark or light, purple colour would suit chocolate hands equally well. No second thoughts at all! You can choose either pastel purple or even dark burgundy shade, both will brighten up the look of your nails flawlessly!

Sunny Yellow

As I have told you before, bright colours look all the more chic on dark hands than anybody in the world. And what’s brighter than a yellow? Sun I guess, lol. So jazz up your nails with yellow hue next time to feast everyone’s eyes around you.

Minty fresh

I love summer because everything is cool and minty fresh. If that’s you, then you’ll love a nice mint green colour over your nails to make them look fresher and beautiful all summer!

Chocolate brown

Two tones darker or lighter than your skin complexion would always look incredibly pretty. But chocolate brown is a colour that looks like it was made in heaven for dark skin girls. And please, don’t try and eat your nails after this, it may hurt.

Bright blue

Blue is no doubt a flattering colour for almost all skin tones but look especially insane on deeper skin. Try and mattify a bright blue shade and you’ll love it how it turns out.

Tangy orange

Orange may seem a little too bright and bold but I feel, more neon the orange is (rather than pastel tones), better the nail color for tan skin. The burnt spicy orange looks delicious and will get all the eyes on you which is for sure!

Hot pink

There’s nothing like a bright, neon hot pink to show off your feminine side. Just a few coats of neon pink would look breath-taking but pairing it up and down with some intrigued nail art designs would seriously steal the light.

Dark green

If you are looking for a colour that would go with almost all the festivities including Christmas and sticks with you all season around, fall or winter, then you would want to go for this pretty dark green colour that would no doubt look over the tops gorgeous no matter when you wear it. Worth every try!

Bold burgundy

Don’t like the bright red? Don’t worry, a deep burgundy nail paint would give you a subtle break through from all the bright colours. Maybe that’s why it comes under the best nail colors for dark skin list!

Sheer pink

This shade is a universally flattering nail colour but especially look stunning and girly when paired on dark skin. A glossy top coat makes it even more beautiful and enhances all your feminine powers.

Deep wine

Is it too late to tell that deep and bright nail colors are made in heaven match for dark skin tones? I hope so not. Because this deep wonderful wine shade is what you were thinking about for a long time but not applying. So get your hands on it before it’s too late!

And this is it. All the delicious nail colors for dark skin beauties you will obsess over! And why not? They deserve it! Did you find your favourite nail colors here If not what is it? We all are listening!

Anyway, if you liked what I said, please care to share through any social media platform you love and get back here to know more fun content!

Till then, bye-bye, and stay safe!

Sharing is caring, you know!

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