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morning routine for school

Let me start by clearly stating that I’m not what you think. I’m not a morning person at all. But with school, assignments and 75% attendance to submit, ( and a dog that wakes me up with sunshine ), I have to confess that I love my sleep and can literally doze off at any time of the day.

With that being said, I hope you understand that it had me months of struggle to build a morning routine for school that I’m finally happy with and think is quite achievable for me and everybody to do every day.

Why a Morning Routine for school is even Important?

morning routine for school

Firstly, let us just get a Lil motivated on our goal and know that exactly why a morning routine is important and why you should have one. Obviously, you don’t wanna get up and do things that don’t even fulfil the needs and demands you have from this tough thing called life. So here’s a list of what a productive morning routine for school does to you and how it can help. Take away what you love the most. I took 2nd, 3rd and 4th, because Hello? This is a beauty blog and I love my precious sleep, lol.

  • A good morning routine will increase your productivity and you’ll be able to do general things faster and quicker than when you wake up late. ( It’s proven by studies guys, I’m not making this up! )
  • It allows you to have better sleep. How? For me, when I know that I have to wake up early, it automatically strikes me to sleep early. And sleeping right at time would obviously allow you to have better and complete sleep.
  • Encourages less stress in the morning. The biggest struggle I had was to decide what to wear in the morning and then I would get late for the other chores and eventually cried and stressed about my mornings never being peaceful, making my day start hectic. And, I used to forget all the important things to take to school. Happens? I know!
  • You feel fresh and happy and secure and start to have lots of time to think and act upon better things in life. I started creating a to-do list for after school in the meantime. Ah, and also do skincare and try to look prettier without makeup, lol.
  • Your skin starts to look healthy. I know you thinking “Now that’s rubbish.” But hey look, you sleep early. You get full 8-hours long sleep. You are doing your regular skincare. Following all the skincare tips. You are not stressed ( no stress pimples ). Why the fudge you’ll get bad skin? So eventually it starts feeling healthy and glowing.

What are you taking from here? Anyway, let’s just dig down to the diamond mine morning routine for school.

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Your precious Morning Routine for school that works like a charm

To the perfect morning, you need to do some of the things the night before. Or else have to wake up an hour early and please don’t say that you’ll do the latter option because we all know that you aren’t. so here are few things you need to do

The night before:

  1. First thing first, check the weather forecast. Trust me, you don’t wanna wake up early to know it’s a storm outside and spoil your sleep. Also, it would help you gather essentials prior to save you some time.
  2. Pack your bag. Grab your books, assignments, papers, laptop, keys, and everything in between. Also do check on more things according to the weather forecast like umbrella, raincoat, sunglasses. You get my point, right?
  3. Pick an outfit. Oh my god! I cannot stress it more that you have to have an outfit either picked up or planned in the head a night before because it takes the maximum time I guess. Also, iron it if necessary. Not forgetting, always try and find outfits according to the weather forecast. Be ready for rain, sun or snow. You see how important the weather forecast is?
  4. Leave a little part of your curtains open. It’s just a personal preference but I feel, a little ray of sunshine in the morning allows you to wake up fresh, feels good and mentally makes you accept that you have to wake up now. haha.
  5. Set your alarms either on clocks or phones and keep them at snooze if you know you are bad at waking up. Plus, keep your alarm devices at a safe distance from where you cannot switch off in the morning easily (like, around your pillow or close to your bed.) It would force you to open your eyes in the morning, walk to your alarm and switch it off. It does help guys!
  6. Keep your devices for charging. And switch on the button, lol. It seriously sucks to wake up to a low battery and spoils the whole mood.

The Morning:

morning routine for school
  1. Wakeup. Open your eyes. Talk to yourself. Stretch a bit on the bed. Tell your mind that it is what it is. And get grinding!
  2. No seriously, actually Get up and get yourself a glass of water. Do some normal stretching. It will help your body get relaxed and don’t even start me why you need to drink water early in the morning. ( Yes it takes me about 15 minutes to finally get out of the bed and walk to the shower, lol. Told you, not a morning person. )
  3. Hit Shower. Brush your teeth. Wash your hair if needed. And do not even think of shaving. It looks like another 5 minutes with shaving but trust me it’s not.
  4. After coming out, do your regular skincare, dry your hair and style them partially.
  5. Get Dressed in the outfit you chose/planned the day before and do not let any instant cute outfit inspo change your mind. Keep it for the next day!
  6. Make your bed (if you have extra 2-3 minutes). You’ll love throwing yourself to a clean room when you come back and hey, who wanna miss on brownie points from your parents?
  7. Make yourself a nice healthy breakfast or eat it ( if your mom makes it for you ). DO NOT MISS ON IT. Your breakfast must include a lot of carbohydrates to get you started for the day. Fill your stomach with eggs, yoghurt, cheese sandwich (Yum1), cereals, muesli etc.
  8. Fix your hair properly and do some natural makeup like lip gloss and curl your lashes. We all do it and love it. Admit it, okay!
  9. Get your shoes on. Grab all the items you prepared yesterday night. Lock the house if you have to. And crack up the day with a broad bright cheerful smile!

What a perfect morning routine for school it is! Super simple and can be practised by literally everybody. Right?

So now let’s look into some morning routine essentials that would help you keep away all the excuses, save you time and kick start with your day!

Morning Routine for school Essentials that will help you make your mornings easier!

Choose what you need because almost all the products have helped me A LOT and for me have become kind of neccesties, lol.

The shredded foam Pillow

The secret to a perfect morning routine obviously lies in better sleep. and I ABSOLUTELY love this super soft pillow. Honestly, I think I have started to get better dreams since the day I started using it, lol.

Cute steel bottle

Drinking water is much easier when you have it around than go to the kitchen especially for it. I also talk about how a cute water bottle is valuable to me in this post as well. So here’s a bottle, similar to the one I have.

Instant Coffee maker

If you live alone, away from your family, then trust me if I say this is gonna be a thing you’ll survive on. When you cannot open your eyes early in the morning, this will come to your rescue then. And it’s seriously a steal for this price. I got it for way higher since this brand is not available at my place.

An Oil Diffuser

Yet a beautiful beautiful device I love since it not only helps me have the best sleep of life but I also use it for my little pamper sessions too.

Jade Roller for face

Come on, guys! This had to be on the list. It is soooooo helpful!! Helps me wake my skin up and I never ever feel sleepy or tired and it never tell people that I was watching Netflix whole night. A must-have, k?

Now that I see, I think I don’t really have ANY reason to wake up fresh and early. Haha.

If you loved this morning routine for school, the care to share with your friends so that you can get your little time to gossip before the class starts.

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