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My FAVOURITE time of the year is hereeee! Yay! It’s summertime! And it’s time to get my waxing done, lol, and buy some cute clothes that I’ll show up to every morning and start planning on to all the things vacation and ohhh, get my nails done! That’s how it screams SUMMER for me! Woot!

summer nails ideas

So, I was going through all the boards on my Pinterest the other day and I was so overwhelmed by all the nails designs it had because I seriously wanna get them all. Can my life be any difficult? (Kidding, lol) But then I thought why not share my favorite summer nails ideas of 2020 with you all beautiful people here because why not?

Let’s just jump in!

P.S: I give all the nails my special names, so don’t judge and just see what i have got for you.

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Gorgeous summer nails ideas

The 3-D nail art

Summer nails design

This is the most intrigued nail design I have seen and yes! It’s in the trend. Look how yummy it is 😉 Hit the summer hard with this one!

Classic white nails went cuter

Summer nails design

And our white classic nails just leveled up their game and got fused with the 3-D trend. How beautiful this summer nails are looking! So unique and different.

It’s candy time!

Summer nails design

If I ever got them, I don’t know how I’ll survive without eating them. It’s hard, isn’t it? And yes yes, candy on nails is next summer nails trend you’ll be looking at the entire year.

The bad candy

Summer nails design

Oh! Candy can go bad if the owner is bad. You know what I mean and I know I creep you out, let me live okay?? Tell me you don’t like how pretty these nails look, crying brb. The perfect mixture of cutie gone bad.

The butterfly trend

Summer nails design

How girly and pretty are these butterflies looking? And gosh! Butterflies are still in. Were they ever out? I don’t think so. Make them yours if you just couldn’t the last year.

These butterflies are different, okay?

Summer nails design

I know this is just the similar design of the butterflies, but don’t you find it more attractive and detailed. And oh yeah! They are colored! ( I just wanted a reason for you to love them, did you? )

The perfect pastel

Summer nails design

I WANNA EAT THEM! They are just so delicious? oh mama! I don’t think I even deserve them. One of my favorite nails design of the year 2018, 2019, 2020 and all the years to come. Not kidding!

Your vacation nails

Summer nails design

As much as I hate neon and all the trend going around it, there’s something I absolutely adore about these. Or, I just love those little palm trees. The perfect nails I would go on vacation with.

The neon ombré

You say neon, I say this year too! I love it because it is neon but won’t pinch your eyes in the hot sun. And ombré is the one trend that will not go out anytime soon. But I wish neon does! (No hard feelings, okay?)

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Delicious lines

These intrigued lines on nails are all I’m seeing this year. They look gorgeous and trendy. The absolute pair of nails I’m having definitely!

The classy nails

Summer nails design

I LOVE THIS, screaming at the top of my voice. So basic yet so chic. They look different and something that celebrities would wear. Right? Right.

The beach nails

Summer nails design

If I’d plan a beach vacation, I know what i was getting. A full beach on my nails. So pretty! So classy!

Nails on fire

Summer nails design

The fire nails have been for a year now, but I haven’t seen people wearing ut as much. But I absolutely love them. What do you say?

The clear nails

Summer nails design

If i had a nail magazine, i would put this on top. The trendiest nails of the year 2020. And oh, it has got butterflies ?

You are trapped nails

I don’t know, what to name them but they look how absofreakenlutely beautiful. All the lines and that nude color is just so classy yet gorgeous!

On the clouds nails

Summer nails design

Gosh! Now I’m feeling overwhelmed again. They look so fetching. One design that never goes out of trend.

Unicorn nails

Trust me, unicorns in their world actually wear this. I’m not lying, k? ? So heavenly and colorful and pastel and summer. Like the perfect summer nails, I would certainly data-pin-nopin=“true”wanna get.

Cookie crumble nails

And I think purple is going to be my summer color this year, what say, A good choice? I love cookies. I love purple. It’s summer. I want these nails! Again, crying, brb.

Glossy, not just your lips

As much as, yoBu will spending on gloss for your lips, you must give these glossy nails a look because they are coming back! Bye-bye matte nails. We are already missing you!

Basic matte nails

I just said bye-bye matte and here I am deeply in Aww with these. The nails that don’t look like you’ve got your nails done and look expensively pampered at the same time. Did I make sense?

Nails of our dreamland

Remember, our dream world with all the fairies and princesses, and what not? Yes they wear this on their nails there. oh you don’t trust me now, but you’ll see when you got there. Huh!

The funky nails

Summer nails design

These are not for some basic people out there. They actually choose people they wanna be on. People don’t choose them! They choose people.

The classic summer nails

Its summer baby! And you’ll see a million girls showing this nail design off. These are those pretty, classic, summer nails everyone wants. Never out of trend, summer nails design.

Wanna check out my entire pinterest board filled more summer nails ideas ?

And by this, we end our lively session of me eating your head up and telling you to get one of these babies done on your hand because I cannot get them all! Crying yet again.

Thank you a ton for bearing me and please understand I don’t do it every time. Just 6’ Oclock in the morning.

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And yes, it’s the last, I promise, stay safe and take care. Bbyeee-byeeee

Sharing is caring, you know!

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  4. OMG – these are all gorgeous! I might have to try and create a couple of the designs at home over the summer ?

    Louise x

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