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Are you 100% sure of what you are wearing and “loving” currently is made for you? I am convinced that you don’t. Colours you might be loving on your self may not be the perfect match for you. You know why? Because of your complexion! No, not the colour of your skin. This theory of complexion is seriously gonna change your life!

I don’t know why nobody talks about this superrrrrr important topic in fashion, when styling themselves or others.

This is in continuation of “THE ART OF COLOR” series and is both for boys and girls✨

Let’s beginnnnn!

Laying of the foundation first we have a skin tone that is the colour of the skin. It can be fair, medium or dark. Other than that we also have an undertone which could be cool, warm or neutral. You can learn more about undertones in the part one of the series. So yes, but then we also have a complexion.

There can be two types of complexion: Soft and Clear. Now we have different kinds of skin colours and different types of hair colours. what colour will suit us will depend upon these two factors.

If you have light skin colour and light hair colour then you have a soft complexion. if you have a dark hair and dark skin, you again have a soft complexion. But, if you are contrary to it, that means, you have light skin but dark hair, you have a clear complexion and vice versa i.e if you have dark skin and lighter hair, you have a clear complexion.

Any time there’s a direct correlation between skin and hair it means that you have a softer complexion whereas if you have cleared extensions between your skin and hair colour that certainly means you have a clear complexion.

Light skin + light hair = soft complexion
Dark skin + dark hair= soft complexion

But, dark skin + light hair = clear complexion
Light skin + dark hair = clear complexion
Few celebrities with softer complexion
Set of celebrities with clearer complexion

You have got your complexion right but then how does it matter? Okay, the complexion of your face highly influences the colours which will suit you. for example, People with softer complexion will look more radiant in pastel or muted colours whereas people who have clearer complexion will pop out more in brighter and bolder colours.

Isn’t it interesting? Now onwards, when you’ll be going for some shopping, you will have two different categories of clothes in your mind and you know what category is yours. This will make your shopping experience SO MUCH EASIER !!

For reference, see the images below. In the first one, the colour of the skirt is really bright and popping where as the same colour is in a very muted form in the second one. Therefore, the bright red would look more better on a clear complexion person. And the muted red would look more beautiful on a person with softer complexion.

Same is the case in these pictures of a pair of jeans which look quite similar in design but the colour varies.

Isn’t all of this making much sense now? This complexion theory has made my world upside down and I’m sure it’s gonna change your fashion sense, wardrobe and knowledge completely.

Does that mean softer complexions cannot wear bold dark colour now or the way around?

NO! Look at this now.

These are the exact same colour. But the left one is more clearer and true whilst the right one is the same colour in the more muted form. This is how you can wear the same colour according to your complexion.

Simple right?

I hope now you’ll be able to make much better life and wardrobe choices. So that your wardrobe has every freaking thing made just for you. This is the power of complexion theory!

Keep safe and stay happy <3

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Sharing is caring, you know!

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