70 Breathtaking Christmas Wreaths that Scream Holidays

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What is more magical than snow, lights, cheer, gifts, and families celebrating the time of their lives all under one sky?

With the Holiday season fast approaching, now is the best time to cherish your creative juices to plan how are you going to outfit your inner and outer spaces. Which is exactly where swoon-worthy wreaths come into play…

And a gorgeous wreath can seriously make all the difference when it comes to holiday decor. The major reason being that it’s the very first thing your beautiful guests are going to see. Although, I absolutely love an evergreen hoop, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than coming to a wreath after all the leaves has been picked over.

So this season, forget the hassle (and dangerous crowd) and choose a lovely Christmas wreath to decorate your doors that are going to look as pretty as a picture all holiday!

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breathtaking Christmas wreaths

1. Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

This wreath’s plaid black and white ribbons, sparkling white pine cones, berries, and beautiful Merry and Bright slogan is making it perfect for Christmas.

2. Christmas Flocked Wreath

Frosty blue wreath will never make you miss snow.

3. Snowman Head wreath

This is such a cute christmas wreath for indoor decorations. Or you can hang it on your front door!

4. Winter Berry Real Twigs Wreath

This snow-covered wreath is sure to steal the light with frosted berries and twigs.

5. plaid fabric wreath

For that simple yet chich look, grab this fabric wreath and decorate it with some fairy light for warmth.

6. Christmas  Red Truck wreath

Guess plaid fabric is highly in trend this season. And that little red truck is making a solid statement!

7. simple square wreath

Did anyone say wreaths always have to be circular? Who is even hearing them btw?

8. Pink Christmas wreath

Hints of pink to a traditional wreath with ornaments and ribbons look trendy as hell!

9. white Christmas wreath

Whether your Christmas will be snowy or not, this is made to give you happy chills.

10. rustic pinecone gold wreath

A rustic traditional wreath is all we need for Christmas every year.

11. Cute candy cane wreath

This is so cuteee! Every child is bound to love this cand cane Christmas wreath with an adorable elf.

12. front door decor wreath

Add this exceptional front door wreath to your Christmas decoration and make a smooth statement now.

13. gingerbread Christmas wreath

Who here loves Christmas for Gingerbreads? Why is my mouth-watering?

14. Santa Christmas wreath

Whatta cute santa is it! Red flowers, pinecones, berries, candies and every other ornament is looking killer!

15. Christmas door hanger

Door hangers are paving their way in. And that bow is making it chicly pretty.

16. boujee Christmas wreath

Oh my god, look at these flowers. Pink can be traditional too!

17. frosty the snowman wreath

Add a cute but interesting touch to your front door with Frosty the Snowman!

18. pre-lit Christmas wreath

How about a full-on traditional Christmas Wreath for a warm festive look? Sounds like a plan!

19. berry + snow Christmas wreath

Frosty wreath and red berries make the perfect duo for all the Christmasy feels.

20. mixed pine berry wreath

This wreath has a little bit of everything – pine cones, berries, twigs, and a touch of greenery.

21. berry wreath

Orange berries can seriously make you christmas tangy! Grab something different from the rest guys.

22. berry leaf wool wreath

Not your normal wreath available at everywhere. This white leafy gem with sprinkled berries is screaming elegance.

23. sweet candy Christmas wreath

Get the flavors of the season with this wreath decked out ornaments, bows, candies, flowers, and frosty leaves.

24. gold lighted wreath

Nothing’s warmer than gold! Greet your guests with the best.

25. nativity scene christmas wreath

A pre-lit pine cone and berry wreath is here to grab now. The Nativity scene is always the best choice to make!

26. frosted lemon leaf wreath

Give your Christmas decoration a gorgeous glittery outfit with this wreath.

27. silk Christmas wreath

Snowman is always a good idea when it comes to christmas. Berries, pine cones, twigs, greenery and, frosty berries with a cute little snowman is a total show stealer.

28. Tewkesbury Christmas wreath

This wreath is pre-lit and has lovely berries we all love, big pine cones, and plaid ribbons.

29. festive peppermint wreath

You can never go wrong with a red peppermint wreath.

30. artificial Christmas wreath

This is one unique wreath with a mix of dried fruits with others. Cinnamon sticks and purple berries are sure to make a statement.

31. Church wreath

What is screaming holiday extravagance more than this?

32. lighted Christmas wreath

This was something interesting, right?

33. Christmas wreath for front door

Artificial roses, the golden ribbon is killing this door hanger wreath – for good!

34. crochet Christmas wreath

How about a totally handmade but extremely cute wreath? I’m lovin’ it.

35. Santa hat wreath

This is a Santa hat I’m interesting in.

36. holiday Christmas wreath

This flowerly wreath will fit seamlessly into any holiday decoration.

37. merrymaking pom wreath

If you are a crafty person, try DIY but just in case you aren’t, here a gorgeous piece to grab!

38. bows & berries wreath

This white ribbon with plaid reindeers and tres is literally stealing the show for me. And, those golden berries!

39. snow pine wreath

Giving me all the Alaska vibes during Christmas.

40. faux red berry wreath

If these were real, I may have eaten it by the time you see this, haha, that’s me!

41. mixed lighted wreath

Your old school Christmas wreath to welcome guests with serious warmth and love.

42. Winterland Christmas wreath

Dress your house with a gorgeous blue christmas wreath to take it up a notch.

43. cranberry snow wreath

Hey, did someone say you want to look different from the crowd? Oh yes here you go!

44. Simple christmas wreath

Keep things simple with this pre-lit Christmas wreath with classic berries and pine cones.

45. winter leaves & pinecones wreath

A stunning green wreath is always a better idea.

46. star-shaped wreath

Drop the circular wreath for a snowflake-shaped one this season. You’ll love it!

47. snowman Christmas wreath

Chose plaid blindly for everything Christmasy. And a cute snowman wreath? Oh yess!

48. red truck Christmas wreath

Here’s a fun wreath that would help you steal the show.

49. glittery mountain wreath

This is a classic rustic wreath you need to be crushin’ on.

50. apples, berries & stars wreath

This is a very chic yet rustic Christmas wreath, different from the ordinary.

51. 3-ring Christmas wreath

Go for 3 gorgeous wreaths when one is not enough!

52. plush legs mesh wreath

Children will love this cute Santa thief wreath, with bright red and green it’s primary colors.

53. cedar ornament wreath

A classic blue wreath will always steal the show. With eye-catching blue and silver ornaments and frosted leaves and pine cones, this is a show-stealer.

54. let it snow hanging wreath

Get this modern door hanger to add to your home decor much before Christmas.

55. rustic berry wreath

Those cute little sparrows are literally the best hing I have ever seen. You just cannot afford to miss thiso one.

56. Christmasy door hanger wreath

Loving the little nutcrackers and gingerbread along with ribbons and flowers.

57. pink pine wreath

Try something different with Rose gold ornaments and pre-lit wreath this season.

58. twig Christmas wreath

This modern wreath design has everything we love Christmas for – berries, pine cones, and a lot of greenery.

59. striped mesh wreath

This stunning wreath will fit seamlessly into any Christmas decor.

60. glitter reindeer wreath

Wow everyone with this super cute, frosted wreath with a pinch of greenery. That sparkle reindeer is a total show-stealer.

61. flock mixed wreath

Snag this beauty to take your home decor up a notch in the winter snow.

62. sparkly silver wreath

There’s nothing sparkly than silver balls shining brighter than the moon.

63. let it snow wreath

Give your front door some glamour with this large red and black mesh wreath

64. cardinal Christmas wreath

This wreath will make a smart warm display over your door.

65. hydrangea pine wreath

You can never go wrong with a red Hydrangea wreath subtle greenery and rustic cones.

66. thief stealing Christmas wreath

How cute is this version of thief wreath that is bound to intrigue children?

67. winter silver white wreath

A full-on silver sparkly frosty wreath to give a snowy vibe no matter where you live.

68. buffalo check mesh wreath

Buffalo check and snow theme will make your holiday decoration come easy.

69. winter berry wreath

This bright yet rustic flower wreath will put you in holiday cheer as and when you want.

70. Juniper & Lambs Wreath

Simple greenery can still scream Christmas with a nice plaid bow on.

What Christmas wreaths are you going to order? I suggest you pick more than one because there’s always space for more!

Happy Holidays!

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