Christmas decorations for living room

13 Adorable Christmas Decorations for living room You absolutely Need

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Do you know what makes the most magical time of the year even special? Adorning every inch of the house with dreamy Christmas decorations to set a cheerful mood!

Especially, your living room. Obviously, because it’s the most popular area in the house to place and decorate your Christmas tree with all the beautiful ornaments you had bought. But hey? Despite the tree, Christmas stockings, garlands, throw pillow, blankets, and other Christmassy decorations also play an important part in shouting holiday altogether.

No matter how you choose to deck up your house, there’s one thing I can say for sure, ‘There’s nothing better than celebrating holidays at your home’!

So here are a few Christmas decorations for the living room, you should definitely add to your holiday decor this season because little details make the whole difference.

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Christmas decorations for living room

Advent Calendar

Advent calendar as Christmas decorations for living room

If you just can’t wait and love to count down the days until Christmas, this wooden advent calendar is a great pick for you. Since it is made up of wooden, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down or something like that.

Due to its compact size, you can put this super cute advent calendar wherever you like, kitchen countertop, bedroom, office anywhere. And if you have children, it’s time to start a new fun tradition and get them hyped up for one great holiday of the year!


Garlands as Christmas decorations for living room

If there is one thing that for the life of me I can never decide, it has to be garland. Because there are so many types and themes of it that either its many or none for me, lol.

But despite that, grabbing a traditional pre-lit garland with pine cones and berries is always the best choice.

You can always use them in more than 3 ways such as, use it to border kitchen windows, drape it across the Holiday mantel, put them on your staircase, or hang one above the front door wreath.

throw pillow

Throw pillow as Christmas decorations for living room

If you are looking to add a seasonal touch to your chairs and couches for a cozy warm vibe during holidays, throw pillows make the perfect match for that. And hints of plaid in the house around Christmas change the entire mood!

You can buy a few colors coordinated covers and mix and match them to the aesthetic.

The best part? You can use these pillow covers all year round since they are not made exclusively for Christmas.

Christmas banner

Banner as Christmas decorations for living room

A classy burlap Christmas banner with a solid design is a great option to finish off your mantel decorations with a charm!

You can always use them at different places like the wall, table, mirrors, or along the hallway. Plus, they make a cute prop for all your Christmasy photos.

But before buying these banners, make sure to check the reviews of it since there can be times when the wordings may not be spelled correctly by the manufacturer. And you don’t want that!


Stockings as Christmas decorations for living room

No Christmas decoration is complete without some cute stockings hanging around the house and filled with gifts we all love. Especially when you have little children way too excited about all the presents they are going to have.

I love these Christmas stockings just because the kid in me crushing on these Santa, snowman, and reindeer on them.

Also, the size of these is pretty big so there will be no problem in adding a few more gifts to make them scream happiness!


Wreaths as Christmas decorations for living room

With absolutely no doubt, wreaths are one of the best things that happened to Holiday decor. There are so many colors, themes, styles, ornaments to choose from that you just cannot love one.

This gorgeous wreath indeed caught my eye because of its perfect mix of bright red and frosty snow-white color that is screaming festivity! Hints of greenery and just enough led light are just adding to its beauty.

The thing I like the most is that it works on batteries and has an inbuilt timmer and dimmable mode.

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Nutcracker as Christmas decorations for living room

A Nutcracker always adds a nostalgic feeling to the cheerful mood. They can be used as a decoration in any room to brighten the area with joy.

But if you choose this 4’7″ tall statement piece, I’m sure your guests will be more than thrilled to enter your house. You can use it as an indoor or outdoor, depending on your mood. But if you choose outdoor, keep it in a safe protected area so you do not stand any risk.

I liked this one or other nutcrackers from Wayfair better than those of Amazon just for the sheer quality they come with. Most of the reviews on Amazon are negative for nutcrackers and I don’t want you to waste your time and money on them. So that’s that.


Candles as Christmas decorations for living room

One thing that can brighten anybody’s mood at any given time of the year, it has to be a candle! They are so versatile and automatically enlightens a place and make it positive.

I love me a scented candle any time but when it comes to saving money without compromising on quality and ambiance, the right choice would be these flameless candles with remote control and timer. Yes, timer! How amazing is that?

You can use them as holiday decorations, proposals, weddings, etc without the fear of fire-related accidents near children, pets, or even adults.

curtain lights

Am I a kid or warm white lights makes you super excited and scream wow as well? I use them at all the festivals I can remember including birthdays and weddings of course. It’s like a tradition.

But a very new and magical way of putting lights I’m seeing is behind the curtains. You just put the string lights hanging in a falling way which kind of makes the room look dreamy.

These curtain lights have 8 modes you can choose your lights to twinkle from. They say it can be used outdoor but I would suggest using it safely and in a protected area so you do not harm the lights in any way.

hanging snowflakes

Snow is always exciting! And Christmas without it sounds a little duh. No matter where you live, create your very own winter wonderland in your house by hanging these gorgeous snowflakes to our ceilings, doorways, or windows.

These have just a tiny shimmer on them. And you should definitely open the package with care since they can be a sweet headache if tangled bad. So be careful with that! But the end result would be great, that I can tell.


If usual string lights and candles are not enough for your room to brighten up like a star, then adding a well-lit Christmas lantern is just a perfect idea to take your holiday decoration up a notch!

And this is an adorable musical snow globe lantern with LED lights that are much safer in general, works on batteries, plays all your favorite Christmas jingles, and has timer music. Despite that, it’s extremely cute and not like your usual lanterns.

throw blanket

After working so much on decorations and your Christmas tree, you need a warm fuzzy throw blanket, hot chocolate, and a big list of Christmas movies!

Here’s an insane cute but really warm throw blanket with holiday print giving cozy Christmas vibes. It has a super soft fleece fabric on one side and sherpa lining on the other which will help you keep you comfy on chilly winter nights.

It can also be used as a gift to a homebody you love. They’ll love you for life!

Christmas village

I cannot end the list without mentioning Christmas village. It’s just a beautiful nostalgic feeling. If you have children, then they’ll be more than thrilled to have it.

Pick this winter wonderland Christmas village to add to your holiday decor! Warm LED lights, twirling ice-skaters, moving train, rotating trees, and 8 Carols which are just adding to its beauty altogether!

No doubt it’s a little pricey but for the part where you don’t have to buy any other village pieces, later on, it’s a great buy for many years to come!

Some other Christmas Decorations:

If you are looking to add some more decorative pieces to your Christmas collection, then Wayfair is a great place to shop Holiday items from. There are so many new and modern decorations that you won’t find on Amazon. Here are a few I like the most!

Hey! Interested in 2-day FREE shipping? Since the majority of items listed here are from Amazon, you can purchase these and qualify for 2-day FREE shipping with Amazon Prime! Don’t have it? You can sign up for a 30-day Amazon Prime Trial *here*. Want to cancel it later on? Sure, you can do so without any penalty after your 30-day trial!

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