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Beauty essentials for summers? Are they any different?

Summer would be my favourite season if there wasn’t bright sunlight shining upon my head all day. Maybe that’s why I settle on spring and call it my favourite. No choice!

I’ll be honest, I’m a makeup obsessed child. I won’t mind using foundation on a sunny day if I’m in the “mood” to jazz up a little. But I hate, HATE, my makeup melting off. Makes me all the more upset and cringy. So the best logical thing I do is to wear less. Yup!

Anyhow, this post isn’t about crying over my melting makeup but what products to choose for summers to look kick ass gorgeous all day.

By the way, what makeup look comes to your mind when you think of summer? My instant answer would be bronzed glowy look which would give me total Hawaii vibes. ( which obviously we have to take sitting at our homes right now, not happy )

Along with what beauty essentials you would need for summers, I’m gonna list down my recommendations too which would make easy for you to not think twice on whether to buy these or not. They all worth it tho!

These recommendations are all tried and tested ( i borrowed and tested some makeup from my friends because not your Kim K here ) So chill and keep reading!


beauty essentials for summer

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Beauty essentials for summers

Deep cleansing face wash

beauty essentials for summer

Summer sun tends to leave your skin greasy and oily. Basically, unclean. And it is difficult for us to wash our skin every now and then. So a goooood cleanser which would deep cleanse your skin in the morning and at night after all the dirt build-up you had all day, would do great things.

I suggest you go for salicylic acid or glycolic acid cleansers since they keep acne at bay. ( oily skin problems )

Oil-free moisturiser

Beauty essentials for summer

Yes. You need to use a moisturiser no matter what your skin type is. No more arguments. Thanks!

Lol, but yes. You might have seen people talking non-stop about how important a moisturiser is for our skin so I’ll not focus on that.

Instead, I’m just gonna stick with saying please opt for oil-free, non-sticky, gel/water-based moisture this summer. Along with hydrating your skin, it would not feel greasy or heavy on your skin.

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Non-greasy sunscreen

Beauty essentials for summer

Summer and sunscreen go hand in hand. And you need to apply it no matter what temperature it is outside. ( i need to start implementing this advice now but it’s hard for me as well ) But I make sure I use sunscreen when I know I’ll be the sun because the sun is harsher in summers than any other season. So a non-greasy sunscreen which won’t leave a white residue over your skin is what you need to look for.

I go about talking what sunscreens you should pick for your skin type in this blog post so if you want you can check that out!

Mattifying primer

Beauty essentials for summer

We are gonna sweat and secrete much more oil than we thought of. So the lingetivity of our makeup is hurt. But primers to the rescue!

They along with smoothening and filling out your pores, make the makeup last longer. So this is an absolutely important step. If you are oily skin, go for a mattifying primer and if you are dry skin ( god you are lucky ), go for a moisturising primer.


Concealer would do everything for a flawless looking skin. But if you want, you can go for a foundation as well.

But I prefer to use a medium to full coverage concealer just on the areas I need i.e. dark circles and acne scars if any. A BB/CC cream or a tinted moisturiser will also feel great because who wouldn’t love a sheer coverage with a healthy glow and no heavy feeling?

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Setting powder

I would say, if you want to make your makeup last longer, this is the best freakin’ thing to buy. Usually, I will just apply it with a beauty blender under my eyes and around smile lines to not let my makeup crease.

But, obviously, summer demands special treatment. So I would make a Lil effort and take a damp beauty blender and dip it in the powder slightly and then press that powder all over my face. It would make my base set strong ( even if it’s just a concealer) and I would enjoy the hell outta my life because I know my makeup won’t budge. Woohoo!


Summer screams bronzed goddess looks. I have always loved a nice healthy bronzed glow and feel like a goddess no matter what the season is.

Also, it’s just a preference, but I am all about bronzers with a light, JUST A LIGHT, gold shimmer in it. Definitely not chunky ones! you can totally go and rock a matte bronzer.

I have always hated contouring and definitely not recommend it for summers at least.

Gold highlighter

Now you would ask me why gold? Right. So listen. According to colour theory, you cannot complement a warm-toned bronzer with a cool-toned or pinkish highlighter. If you have doubts, you can go and check yourself. I’m not stopping you, gal!

Also, a gold highlighter would shine much brighter in the sun. And looks drop dead gorgeous.

Warm eyeshadow palette

Neutrals are the way to go! You can surely look stunning with colourful eyes and bronzed look, but a neutral or warm eyeshadow look would make much more sense and would look all the more pretty. Foxy eyes are high in trend and look ABSOLUTELY stunning with bronzed makeup.

Waterproof eyeliner

I’ll be honest, I’m not an eyeliner person. More of a mascara gal (because in my defence that’s easier to use). But I know majority of you people love a quick liner to complete your look. So go for it! But remember to use a waterproof sweatproof liner. I don’t think you would want to step out of your homes with kick-ass wing eye and half the way look like a panda. Tho pandas are cute, maybe try being one?

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Waterproof mascara

I don’t really see a point of using a regular mascara in summer when we all know that it will just melt off and you’ll not see anything after 20 minutes of being in sun.

So better invest few more cents in a waterproof mascara and rock the world like you are a queen. I love me some thick voluminous lashes.

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Lip balm with SPF

This is a point most of us tend to ignore. But I have talked about it in my summer skincare routine as well. A lip balm with a minimum of 30 SPF is VERY important before you apply lipstick. Matte Lipsticks generally tend to suck up all the moisture dry your lips and leave them lifeless after some time. So better protect them and keep them kissable foreverrrr!

Lip gloss

If the glossy-ness from lip balm is not enough for you, hi sister! We need to get ourselves some beautiful lip glosses. I loveee lip glosses and I know I would never have enough. Also, glossy looks are so in trend this year. I wrote about this in my beauty trends of 2020 post as well.

Setting spray

Just like a primer, setting spray is the most important step to the longevity of your makeup. I love the fact that it melts down your makeup and makes it look flawless! What an invention! Lol.

And you’ll look prettttyyyyy! My bronzed goddess?❤️

Remember: this may look an extensive makeup routine but trust me takes just 20 minutes maximum if you are doing it while dancing to some beats. Else, I get ut done with 10-12 minutes.

And that is all the beauty essentials for summer that will steal all the glow from the sun and put onto your face!

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If you did, thank you a TON! And if you didn’t, maybe next time!

Till then, bye-bye, and please be safe and take care!

Sharing is caring, you know!

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