Back in 2018, I (I’m Harman, by the way) realized that there are so many amazing things in the world of Beauty and Fashion that I have learnt growing up and will just remain with me because there was no way I could shout all of that to the world.

I was a high school student then and not in any world knew about blogging though social media was a hit.  

One fine day I was browsing the internet to find a review of an expensive makeup product but there wasn’t even a single review which could help me out. Not that they didn’t described the product well, but I couldn’t find anyone of my skin colour showing me the comparisons on her skin tone. There I realized that so many other girls just like me would be struggling to find real answers to there everyday struggles but don’t get any. 

That very moment I decided that I can totally do it. Yes! Guess it was just the right time to build something of my own, something that helps at least a few people out there, something that will be mine and real no matter what and something that gives an answer to people’s scuffles, because no one really like that you see. 

And so, in May 2020 Your Girl Knows was born. 

Here on YGK, I tell YOU all things good (and bad) about fashion, beauty and life. Everything is based on my personal knowledge, experience and opinions and which is why you can trust me 100% because nothing here will be biased or just for the sake of saying or moneyyy. 

Why? Because I remember when I used to give my friends a good skincare tip to solve their problem or a quick makeup tip, they used to say, Will it really work? Is it true? Gosh, you are amazing. And then I would always always reply by saying “YOUR GIRL KNOWS IT, babe”


My name is Harman Awal and I basically live in Patiala, Punjab but am currently in Chandigarh, India to pursue Bachelors in Commerce. Your good old Brown girl!

True story- I honestly never was a makeup/skincare enthusiast in school and never even wore a lipstick till my 12th standard. Gradually, stepping into the beautiful world of sparkles made me scream WOW every time I would get a decent eye look or when I loved my makeup! and I started playing with everything makeup and skincare. I love camera and posing for it, ugh. I love styling my very minimum clothes in the best possible way because you girl is forever broke, lol. I love to give fashion and beauty advises to my friends and family and you too so yay! And majorly, I love writing. I love it all. 

And that is why here I am sharing my take on everything I know and seriously love. So Get Along! Cause why not?

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