I’m Harman Awal, a Small Town Broke College Girl and Creator of this Little Blog with Big Dreams. Obsessed with Ice-Cream, Dogs, and Cute Pajamas.

I’m probably Sipping a Coffee or Fresh Juice and thinking of ways I could help you guys with my gold knowledge of Beauty & Living Life.

My Story

Remember when you were asked for the very first time, what your hobbies & talents are? We all knew a secret to answer to that, right? 

Umm, I didn’t until I was 18 (maybe I’m still wrong). I was okay-ish at everything you’d ask me. But what’s that one thing I’d never get bored off and considered my real hobby? No answer whatsoever until one day, back in 2018, I applied my Mom’s Nude brown lipstick for the very first time. Haha, all I can say is things changed babe! Then I ordered some useless makeup brushes and some VERY cheap makeup for the first time. 

And that’s how a complete tomboy became the ‘known’ girl for makeup and skincare among her friends. 

In the process, I figured out that I wanna start a blog (don’t ask me how I got to know about blog because I honestly don’t remember) but my dumb teenage brain confused blogging with Instagram Influencing and I started to Glam, Pose, Click and Post every other day. Although that did help in growing my Instagram but along with that, My forever existing insecurities rose. Comparing with those Extra-Ordinary women getting thousands of likes was probably not a good idea for me. So I stopped posting on Instagram. Things went downhill. Nothing was good. I never felt good about myself doing that. No-No, had find something else…

This Blog & Everything

On a nice summer morning of 2020, I created YOURGIRLKNOWS. My very own little space where I talk my heart out with YOU guys on everything I actually love and things that can make a difference to YOUR life. 

This made me 100x more productive, 200x less insecure and 300x happier. I started getting gooooood sleep guys!

And that’s my little life for you. I promise to update you when something huge happens or at least something happens, lol. Till then I’ll just go and grab something to munch on, and so can you!!

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