5 steps yogurt facial to rock this festive season with glow

Diwali is not just a festival in india but is an emotion every single person of the country is connected to. But with the constant pressure to feel and look good, there’s a huge list of items we tend to spend on, making giant wholes in our pockets!

Nah, with a little help and very little money you can totally rock this festive season with all the glow you need to shine bright among all your friends and family 😉

Here’s to the 5-step yogurt facial!

1. cleansing

Start by applying 1tbs of thick yogurt or curd onto your face and massage it with your fingers for 2-3 minutes and then leave it on for 5 minutes or until slightly dry and then wash it off with lukewarm or tap water.

2. Steaming

Steaming is totally an optional step but i would suggest that you do that because if done it will soften the skin and loosen the pores so that all the products used in next steps would penetrate deep down the skin and results would be more effective ( surely in my case ).

You can do it either by placing a warm towel onto your face for 5-10 minutes or can use a proper steamer for about 7-10 minutes.

3. Exfoliating

Offcourse, we cannot do without this step just because it removes all the dead cells off your skin and makes it even more softer.

Use 1/2 tbs turmeric and 3/4 tbs of rice powder and mix the two with some yogurt to make a thick paste. Then cut a tomato into half and apply this paste on the flatter part of tomato and scrub your face really gently in the upside motion.

4. Massaging

This is the relaxing part. Take a bowl and add a tbs of honey, yogurt, lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric to make a cream like consistency. Apply this cream onto your face and massage it gently into the skin until most of the product is absorbed. It would take around 10-15 minutes for this entire process to work itself. But, it would not absorb completely so remove the excess with a cotton pad or hand towel.

5. Face pack

Finally, mix 1tbs of gram flour, honey and 2tbs tomato juice into yogurt. It’s done you guys! Apply this mask and wait for 15-20 minutes and remove it with water. Don’t apply it any longer or wait for it to dry completely.

Finish your efforts with a toner like rose water or any facial mist and a moisturiser to lock all the glow 😉

Since it is a natural process, please don’t expect any major results in just one or two uses. Atleast use it for a week or so. But it really does work!

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